The PSA Futsal Fiesta has specific rules and modifications for their futsal tournaments. Here’s a summary of the key rules and modifications:


1. Rule Modifications & Notes:

1.1 Games will be 26 minutes in length.

1.2 Rolling clock: There is a continuous clock during the game.

1.3 No half-time break: There is no break between halves.

1.4 Goalkeeper restriction: Goalkeepers may not throw the ball directly over the halfway line. Doing so results in an indirect free kick at the halfway line.

1.5 Restarts from the sidelines are kick-ins: The ball must be played in from the line, and the non-kicking foot can be placed on the court.

1.6 All restarts from the goalkeeper must be from their hands (no goal kicks).

1.7 All restarts (goalkeeper possession, free kicks, corners, and kick-ins) must be taken within 4 seconds of the ball being in position.

1.8 Each team is permitted 5 fouls per game, and a free kick is awarded for each foul. For each foul beyond the 5th, a free kick is taken from the 2nd penalty kick marker.

1.9 No slide tackling is allowed.

1.10 If the ball hits the referee, it results in an uncontested drop ball for the team who last had possession from the position of contact (indirect).

1.11 Recorded goal difference will be a maximum of 6 goals.

1.12 Goalkeeper cannot touch the ball again in any way within his/her own half after releasing the ball into play unless an opponent has touched it or it has gone out of play.


2. General Guidelines:

2.1 Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on or near any playing field, any food services, or any area where the public congregates.

2.2 Pets are not allowed on or near any playing field or extended areas as determined by tournament officials. Service animals must be clearly marked as such.

2.3 Coaches and managers are responsible for informing their players and spectators of these guidelines.

2.4 Coaches, players, and their spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the Spirit of the game. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to take disciplinary action as necessary.

2.5 Final referee decisions may not be protested or disputed.

2.6 Teams, players, coaches, and team officials acknowledge, by their participation in the event, that they have reviewed these rules and regulations and will abide by them.


3. Communications:

3.1 The official Tournament website is found at

3.2 Teams are responsible for accessing the website for schedules and other relevant information.

3.3 Event officials will attempt to regularly update the website to provide necessary information.


4. Registration and Eligibility:

4.1 For tournament information, visit the event website or email

4.2 All teams will check-in on-site.

4.3 For check-in, each team must bring an official team roster with uniform numbers for each rostered player.

4.4 All players must be registered youth soccer players in good standing with an appropriate governing body. Players must either be on a team’s official roster or be an approved loan player or a guest player duly registered with a separate team.

4.5 Rosters submitted at registration for futsal will be a maximum of 10 players per team. Secondary passes are allowed but count toward the guest player limit.

4.6 Up to ten (10) players may be in uniform and present on the team’s sideline technical area for any game.

4.7 Players may only play with a single team during the course of an event. Should a player appear on more than one roster, the first team with which the player participates on the field shall be deemed the player’s primary team for the event.

4.8 All players on the same team, rostered or guest, must use Player Passes from the same governing body.

4.9 USA teams must present picture identification cards issued by the team’s Federation Organization member. Teams from outside the State Association where the tournament is located must provide proof of permission to travel, if their governing body requires it.

4.10 In the event that the tournament is canceled prior to the start of play, PSA tournament committee will determine appropriate refunds and/or credits once fixed costs have been assessed. In the event that the tournament is shortened after play has commenced, appropriate credits toward a future event will be issued, as determined by and solely at the discretion of the PSA Tournament Committee.

4.10 Teams are not required to complete any Online Team Check-In prior to the PSA Futsal Fiesta tournament.


5. Forfeit:

5.1 No grace period will be allowed from the scheduled kickoff time. Teams must be present and ready to play at the scheduled time or forfeit the game. Nonetheless, Tournament officials are mindful that unforeseen circumstances may occur and will have the option to shorten, reschedule, or otherwise create such circumstances as will allow a game to be played on the field rather than be won by forfeit.

5.2 A minimum of three (3) players constitutes a team for a futsal match.

5.3 A forfeit will be recorded as a 6-0 loss for all past and future games in group/bracket play.

5.4 A forfeit will be recorded as a 6-0 loss for finals and 3rd/4th place games.

5.5 The Tournament Committee will review abandoned games on a case-by-case basis.

5.6 No team that forfeits a game will be eligible to win any championship awards at the event.


6. Standings and Championships:

6.1 All game scores are recorded and will be posted on the website after each game.

6.2 In Group Play, team standings are based on a won-lost record. Wins count for three points, ties for one point.

6.3 Forfeits are recorded as a 6-0 score. All games previously played against the forfeiting team shall be rescored 2-0 with 3 points awarded for the win; all remaining games to be played against the team forfeiting will be scored in the same manner.

6.4 In the event of a tie between two teams, head-to-head results determine placement.

6.5 In the further event of a tie, goal differential determines placement, with up to plus-6 or minus-6 units awarded per game.

6.6 In the further event of a tie, accumulated goals scored with a limit of 6 per game determines placement.

6.7 In the further event of a tie, accumulated goals against determines placement, favoring the teams that allowed the fewest goals.

6.8 Finally, teams will conduct a Kicks from the Penalty Mark Shootout. Should a team fail to show up for the scheduled shootout, the tiebreaker will be awarded to the team prepared to participate.

6.9 Each team will designate five players to take shots including one goalkeeper.

6.10 As necessary, Shootouts may be assigned to a designated goal/field location, different from where the game was played for tournament schedule purposes.


7. Injuries:

7.1 In the event of an injury, alert your game referee or contact the Tournament HQ. A trainer/EMT will be dispatched to assist you.


8. Inclement Weather:

8.1 All teams and coaches must show up at the scheduled field and time regardless of weather conditions, unless otherwise notified by a Tournament Official. Failure to appear may result in a forfeit and may result in the rescheduling or loss of a team’s future games at the Tournament.

8.2 In the case of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee has the authority to change, cancel, or reschedule any game and/or its format.

8.3 The determination of the Committee is final.

8.4 If weather concerns exist just prior to the event, the online Schedule Homepage will provide updates.

8.5 Teams should have a predetermined communications procedure.

8.6 Generally, games that have reached halftime will not be resumed, and their result will be final.


9. Abusive Behavior:

9.1 Any coach, parent, team official, player, or spectator threatening violence or engaging in verbal abuse will be subject to ejection from the tournament, and the team may be ejected from the tournament as well if appropriate. This type of behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.


10. Discipline:

10.1 Coaches, players, and spectators are required to conduct themselves within the Laws of the Game.

10.2 All disciplinary measures imposed by the Tournament Committee shall not necessarily be limited to participation in the Subject Tournament but may extend to future PSA events.

10.3 Player cautions and ejections OR coaches or team personnel dismissals beyond the normal course of play may be referred to the appropriate league or governing body, which may pursue their own sanctions.

10.4 A player receiving a red card send-off in a game will normally be suspended for one game. Suspended players will not be permitted within the team technical area during the next match(es).

10.5 A coach who is dismissed from any game will normally be suspended for one game. Suspended coaches will not be permitted within the team technical area with the team during the next match(es).

10.6 A spectator removed from the field must leave promptly, and failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the game in which their team is participating.

10.7 Additional penalties may be imposed, as deemed fit and necessary by the Tournament Committee.

10.8 Appeals and protests may be filed with the Tournament Committee immediately after the incident in question.


11. In Anticipation of a Forfeit:

11.1 In the event that a forfeit is anticipated, teams should not release their players until the team manager has conferred with the Playoff Director/Committee. Cancellation of a competitive game is disrespectful to teams that travel significant distances to attend the Playoff.


12. Appeals; Signing Gamecards:

12.1 Coaches should ensure that they sign off on Gamecards.

12.2 In the event of a dispute, signed Gamecards will usually be deemed dispositive.

12.3 Appeals and scoring concerns should be reported to the field HQ.

12.4 Timely appeals will be considered by the Playoff Committee, and its decision will be final.

12.5 Untimely appeals will not be heard.


13. Penalty Spot Shootout Procedure:

13.1 One shot per team, sudden death, in an ABABABABAB pattern until a decisive result is reached.

13.2 Only players on the field at the end of the game can kick.

13.3 All players must kick before any can kick a second time.

13.4  Shootouts may be moved to a designated area.


Please make sure to review these rules and guidelines in detail before participating in the PSA Futsal Fiesta tournament.