PSA Payment & Credit Policy

Tournament Applications, Acceptance, and Communications

– All tournament-related communications will be directed to the Team Contact email address provided for the Primary Contact in the GotSport Team Account used for event applications.
– Upon completing and submitting an application, the Primary Contact will receive a confirmation email acknowledging the receipt of the application. Please note that this confirmation does not imply team acceptance or payment processing.
– To participate in the event, full payments via check or Venmo must be received before the event.
– Once a team’s payment is received and formal acceptance is granted, the Primary Contact will receive an additional Acceptance email.
– It is crucial to keep the contact information for Team Officials (Head Coach, Manager & Primary Contact) accurate and up to date in the GotSport Team Account.
– If you do not receive a confirmation email after submitting your application, please check your spam folder, as communication may have been misdirected. Teams are responsible for monitoring their email communications.
– Exercise caution when providing a business email address in your Team Account, as stronger firewalls and spam filters may lead to missed messages. Monitor your email carefully.
– Teams should use different email addresses in their Team Account to ensure reliable delivery of messages and avoid relying on a single email address for all requested locations in their Team Account.

Event Credits

– Tournament Credits can be issued to teams for various reasons, including partial or total event cancellations, unplayed games, or other event-related issues.
– PSA Futsal Fiesta Tournament credits are specific to PSA Futsal tournaments only.
– In the absence of specific instructions, credits are valid for twelve months from their issuance date.

Tournament Withdrawals and Cancellations


– Withdrawals made before the entry deadline for the PSA Futsal Fiesta, following team acceptance, will receive a 100% credit less a $50 administrative fee.
– Any withdrawal after the entry deadline for a tournament is considered a Late Withdrawal. If a fully paid replacement team is found, PSA will issue a 100% refund. PSA assumes no obligation to find a replacement entry for Late Withdrawals.

Tournament Cancellation:

– In the event of an event cancellation due to factors such as inclement weather, facility closure, or similar circumstances before any games have been played, teams have the option to receive a credit or a partial refund, depending on the specific circumstances. Teams must notify PSA within one week of the notice to receive a refund; otherwise, they will be processed as a credit.
– If an event is canceled after games have been played, the PSA Futsal Fiesta Tournament Committee will communicate credit or refund options within approximately five days after assessing unmitigable expenses and games completed.
– If all or part of a tournament is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, or government action, PSA will make its best efforts to provide teams with an appropriate credit once incurred expenses are evaluated.

Tournament Refund Policy and Guarantees

– Once a team is accepted for the PSA Futsal Fiesta, no refunds of entry fees will be granted to teams withdrawing after acceptance.
– If a team is not scheduled to play in the event (for reasons such as insufficient registrations in their age group bracket), a full refund of any payments processed will be issued within ten days following the event.
– In cases where an event is canceled, either fully or partially, due to uncontrollable factors or “Acts of God,” a partial refund or credit may be provided by the Tournament Committee. The Committee’s decision in such instances is final. Teams will be notified of the decision within six days after the tournament date through the established online registration communication channels.