Our Mission and Vision

At PSA our mission is to provide an elite player development environment for children at every level of the game, that is safe, enjoyable, and competitive in nature.

The PSA Vision is to provide a comprehensive player development system that lays a pathway for student-athletes to reach their full potential as players and people. We strive to create a united community led by our professional staff that genuinely cares for our entire PSA family.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are the beliefs that underpin our decisions and actions each and every day as an organization. All members of our organization should be able to articulate and demonstrate these values on and off of the field.

Humility & Respect

Be humble and treat everyone with respect. Have a modest view of one’s self and value relationships with one another. Only with humility will we continue to grow, and seek to grow, after achieving any number of goals. Be humble and seek always to be better. Show respect for yourself, one another, the opposition, officials and the game, treat others as you would like to be treated…We Are PSA.


We are a family, a united team, working together towards a collective goal. We treat each other like our own family. We share challenges and successes together. Together as a family anything is possible…We Are PSA.


We are all accountable for each and every action. Personal development occurs when we self-reflect and when we are accountable for decisions we make, either by ourselves or our peers. There are no excuses, we will hold ourselves and our teammates accountable for the choices we make…We Are PSA.


We act in a professional manor at all times, being passionate about the importance of our integrity, passion and competitiveness in the pursuit of excellence. Encompassing and executing professional standards each and every day will lead to optimal development within our organization. We are determined, persistent, hardworking and honest… We Are PSA​.