PSA Photo, Video, and Audio Policies and Disclaimer

1. Photography and Videography Recording & Capture Policy

Personal, non-commercial photo and video capturing is allowed, unless specified otherwise in event materials. Approval is required for setting up recording equipment or structures. Commercial use of captured content mandates approval from the PSA Tournament Director.

Drones are not permitted without prior approval from the PSA Tournament Director. Third-party professional photography or videography services are prohibited without PSA’s approval. Licensing, selling, or reselling event content requires prior consent from PSA.

2. Public Notice Regarding Photo/Video/Audio Recording, Capture & Use at PSA Events

Photo, Video, and Audio Recording, Capture, and Use:

PSA reserves the right to use publicly taken photographs, videos, or audio recordings from PSA facilities or events without explicit written consent, utilizing them in various media materials. To protect privacy, individuals won’t be identified without approval. Those unwilling to be recorded should inform event organizers in writing; their image will be held confidentially for identification purposes only.

By entering PSA facilities or events, individuals consent to interviews, photography, audio, and video recording for promotional purposes. They release PSA, its affiliates, and partners from any liability related to the use of these materials, waiving rights to claims for payment or royalties.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

For inquiries or approvals, contact PSA at: